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Even the chickens think that the season has started again!!

Written on 20 January 2021
Verse eitjes!!!

A short blog from my side this time... but I could not resist to share this: the chickens have also started laying eggs again, after a winter break!!! The eggs could be from our new 'chicks' who have grown up now, as they are now about the age to start laying. Or it's our older guard... who already know how to do it. I'm going to pay attention the next few days who will go into the coop to lay eggs... quite curious actually!

Last year we had a light on a timer in the chicken coop, so that the chickens had more lighthours at a day.. That way they continue to lay eggs in the winter months. But that lamp just flashes bright on in the morning .. and in the evening after having been in the light for a while, it suddenly -bam- switches off. To me that felt like putting too much stress in nature. I also understood that a chicken will not lay more eggs this way, but that they will be 'retired' earlier this way. As far as I am concerned, there is no right or wrong, but this year we are trying the natural way. And I must say that the first fresh eggs after a few months without eggs, feel really nice and welcome!!!

Let the growing season come... the plans are also bubbling more and more for the vegetable garden season.. our stall with egg for sale.. sharing things.. open garden moments .. I love it!



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