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Written on 6 January 2021

In a chat with two of my friends, one of them threw in a question this morning, that she had come across. "When do you feel like the best version of yourself?" A nice conversation started and we rolled from one thing to the other. From thinking back to when we felt our best, we quickly moved on to painting a picture of ourselves in our dreams and longings. And amazingly, all three of us saw ourselves as an adventurous, playing, discovering person. A kind of adult Pippi Longstocking was mentioned.

And suddenly something seemed to be happening, as if a veil had floated away that had bound us in boxes of what we were used to do. We suddenly got a deeper understanding of 'why shouldn't we just do and be that?' Why not just be a little different... or even completely different .. and just enjoy jauntily? Why not be like girls with pigtails and daisy crowns on our heads just run through the grass... that sort of thing.

I can enjoy these things so much... when the onionlayers of our lives are being further peeled off and we come to a layer deeper at our core... this is the process we have been in for a number of years now... and I can almost no longer recognize ourselves anymore in the life that we lived 10 years ago. Oh yes, all the dreams and desires were already there.. but I don't think I really had the idea that this was meant for reality. Those were just childish dreams...

Now I know: nothing could be less true! If you start listening to your heart, all those things will surface again... and they turn out to represent the very best and most beautiful version of yourself!

The conversation went on and one of my friends shared that she had come to realize that the things she previously thought were actually a bit inappropriate... are actually things she really enjoys... she mentioned a number of things, including the messiness and the drying rack in the living room (which belongs upstairs of course)... And then a photo came... and wow... to me this felt like a lovely picture from a home magazine or something! Really to enjoy... those beautiful fabrics and all so nice and cozy... and how wonderful that she shared this and heard only confirmation from us that we too really liked it!

How crazy actually, how trapped we can be in 'how we think it should be'... when actually it's only all in our heads.

Freedom... is to be free to be whoever you were al along. En to enjoy life as a grown Pippi Longstocking!

Enjoying, exploring, adventurous and not afraid to be different.

I got permission to share the wonderful photo of the drying rack with you ... and I can already tell you ... there will soon be a blog about our own drying rack .. because that one álso has a story to tell 😀

And at last I want to finish with the same question, but know I ask you: "When do you feel like the best version of yourself?"



ps: I couldn't find if there are rights on the foto of Pippi at the top of this blog. If so, I would like to hear and will note them.

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