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DIY Chess game

Written on 24 December 2020

Vacation for the boys!

That usually means a burst of energy and creativity. Sometimes we have to adjust somewhat here and there, to ensure that it all goes smoothly together, but we seem to have found our way in this more and more.

On such days I regularly sit around the table with the boys.. we take some food and drinks with us... and a sheet of paper with a pen. We then write our names on this paper (mine too) and we think about what we would like to do in the near future. We brainstorm together and hear each other's ideas. What would you want to do? What would you like to make? What would you like to learn? Is there something in your room that you would like to see different? And; is it also possible? How do you want to do that? What do you need for it? Can someone help you? These kinds of questions are discussed.

Then we fill in a list under everyone's names with our wishes and desires. Then everyone is usually inspired enough to get busy, sometimes someone needs some help with that.

Recently two of the boys made their own chess sets from clay .. They let it harden .. and then painted it. Now they can play chess against each other with their own 'army'. One made a caveman army, the other a knight army. I was allowed to help them and I really liked that... There was a time I thought because I have no daughters, I would miss out on the creative crafts, but nothing could be less true!

At a thrift store I recently found an extra chessboard, so now 4 of us can play checkers or chess at the same time. New clay has already been ordered, because it works so well that plans have now been made for new armies.

And maybe... I'll make one myself. What kind of army would I make? A living forest with different types of trees, bushes and animals? Or a vegetable garden army.. full of vitamin bombs and natural predators.. haha.

How wonderful to play along in such creative flows. Sometimes a bit overwhelming, but most of all very cozy and inspiring. A holiday can never last too long this way!



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