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There... and back again

Written on 22 August 2021

And then all of a sudden we were in Sweden for two weeks as a family.. and we experienced enough to build on for many more times. It all went very fast, we didn't have this plan at the beginning of the summerholidays. The restrictions and uncertainties around the borders made that we had put travel plans on hold. Until Hendrik and I both suddenly felt the call to Sweden. Maybe you think that sounds strange... but sometimes, you just have to listen to it. We realized that the times in our lives that we have listened to a similar call, the most beautiful and extraordinary things have always happened, despite all hardships. And so we decided, restrictions or not, to just go.

And again it turned out to be a very good choice. We have had two weeks full of adventures, meeting new special people, feeling new direction in our hearts, pondering on dreams and desires, and having good times with our boys in a completely new environment.

We came back this Friday and I thought I could write a kind of holiday blog about this time very fast, because I haven't said anything here for so long. But how can you express something that you haven't found the words for yourself? How can you describe what you are still speechless about?

Sweden.. and all the beautiful people we met there, some of whom even feel like for life... changed us. I can't exactly say what the change is yet. It feels as if our hearts have grown larger and a new fire has been lit, which wants to spread further.

How curious we are for what the future might bring...

It is possible that I will share more of our journey here in the near future.. when I have found more words. But anyway I'm going to start here to share some of the beautiful views that we enjoyed. And I can assure you... in real life it was always far more beautiful 😉



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