Green fields of glory

The story behind the Green fields of glory...

So, we are the Greenfields.

A warm enthusiastic and sometimes somewhat overwhelming family of six, plus dog. Oh, and chickens. Happy crowded, feels like the fitting words. :)

I, Margriet, am the writer of this website. Married with Hendrik, stay-at-home mom of four (wonderful) boys. Dreamer, thinker, starting doer...

We come from the West of the Netherlands and in 2018 we moved to the countryside of Groningen (North of the Netherlands). At one point in our lives we changed course and started living very differently. I can best describe it as 'back to the roots' or better said, to our Origin. We started to study healthy eating and living .. and took quite radical steps in this direction. We started with a vegetable garden .. and I overwhelmingly ended up in the world of nature ... plants ... cuttings ... basically everything that is ALIVE.
I can't stop talking about this either. About that Life. Vegetable gardening ... chickens ... making things yourself ... building treehouses with the boys ... and always having new dreams, sharing them and continuing to hope and expect.

This all seems great ... and it is. At the same time I also know periods of great struggles in my life. The heights often only come when you have gone through the depths .. and that's exactly how I experience it. As far as I am concerned, that is completely part of the process of life and we are here to help each other. Sharing in our heights, but also in our depths. I hope that with my stories I can encourage someone else to continue to believe, when sometimes it all doesn't seem so great anymore.

Love, Margriet

About the name...

Where does the name Green fields of glory actually come from?

Well actually my brother allotted the name to us years ago, when he came up with a name for our house on Four Square. I didn't know, but this turned out to be a social network on the internet where you can 'check in' at locations when you are actually there. And so our house was named 'Greenfields of Glory' there.

That name kept resonating in me. I kept hearing a song in my head about this .. 'Fields of Gold' by Sting, which gives me a wonderful kind of eternal feeling. (Especially if it's sung by Katie Melua. Nice dreamy.)

And that feeling also fits exactly with the feeling that 'Green fields of glory' gives me. As a child I had a fairly simple, but clear image of the eternal, 'heaven': Fresh, hilly green fields, where you could walk or dance bare feet, without hurting your feet. Just that idea seemed enough to me.

And then back in the now .. the name also turns out to be very appropriate. Our name in Dutch means Greenfields.. and we have a deep understanding that everything we have is not purely ours, but that we have been given everything. Our house, the garden, life, each other ... everything.

It stills me...

Therefore, 'Green fields of glory'.
with a deep bow to that which is Greater.
Love, Margriet

 About the website...

The idea behind this website is sharing.

Sharing everything that can be inspiring, encouraging, uplifting. Sharing of heights and sharing of depths.

I will regularly share things of our life or my thoughts through my blogs. Since the subjects can quite differ from each other, categories have been created. If you especially find one topic very interesting and want to read all about it, you can click on the button of your choice at the top of a page. Home made, nature, spiritual, family, homesteading and things about the website itself are the topics I expect to blog about. And if I blog about something else .. I will probably just post it at the one I think is most similar ;)
I also have in mind to start vlogging ... and share audio files. I also envision that every now and then I will want to share things that you can download. Books .. or sowing plans for your garden .. or things handy around your children .. whatever.

Since I like to translate, I have decided to offer the site in English as well. I do not expect that I will be able to translate everything immediately, but I will see how far I will get.

For me this is all a leap of faith and if there is more to share about the website, I will add it here or write about it in a blog.

And if you have any questions, or if you notice that something is not working, you can always fill in the contact form!

Enjoy your reading!
Love, Margriet

Your dreams have been planted in your heart for a reason

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