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Repurposed buffet cabinet!

Written on 12 March 2021

Whoa... so happy with this newly completed project!! Our house has a nice kitchen... dark red.. it is one of the things that I immediately fell for on Funda when this house came along. It is a large kitchen, but I always have too little workspace.

When I was recently refilling and rearranging my glass jars with Joas, containing all kinds of things.. herbs, nuts, flour, pasta, oatmeal, raisins... etc etc.. he suddenly said 'Mom... you have too little work surface in your kitchen you said? If you just take off the top of the buffet cabinet... and you make a workspace on that lower part... and then a few shelves above .. then you can put all those beautiful glass jars on top of it!'

At that moment my glass jars were in a closed cupboard... and my dream for the next kitchen would indeed be shelves with these jars on them... but... what a genius idea from Joas!! Now I could just do that with this kitchen already!

Hendrik was not immediately enthusiastic about our ambitious plan.. because well.. it is quite a lot, taking that cabinet apart and changing it for good. And wood for a worktop and shelves is really not without a price in these times. I really wanted teak wood, if I could, because that's what our other furniture in the living room is made from. Then he came up with the genius idea to find out if there were any teak tables offered in the area. And yes! Found a table for only 50 euros...

We picked it up... Hendrik and Joas dismantled it together... made it to size... sanded... I was allowed to tell how many and how wide the planks had to be... and finally oiled the planks. Just with olive oil, as I do with more furniture. Works beautifully, it makes the wood nice and lively.

I also picked up shelf carriers at the local handyman shop (great shop, almost always have what we need there!!). They didn't have them in black and I really wanted to... so I also took a can of black spray paint...

Then we put it all together... and yeah... I'm really MEGA happy with it!! I now just keep looking to that wall, because I think it is so beautiful. I had been staring at that cabinet for years, because I wanted something different with it. Sometimes you just have to wait until your son is old enough to see through!



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