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Written on 19 December 2020

And suddenly, there it was: my own website. Given to me by a dear friend, whom I will gladly tell you more about later. A place for me alone on the world wide web. It feels like a wonderful gift... and at the right time.

Previously I was on Facebook and there too I regularly shared about the things in my life. For me, life is a great adventure full of wonderful experiences, but sometimes (regularly) also difficult and deep parts come before me, that I have to go through. It is an adventure of getting to know myself more and more as I really am ... and falling from one surprise to the next.

While I really enjoyed the connection with upbuilding contacts I had on Facebook, it has been getting grimmer of late. I realized that my time there was over and I left there with a silent drum. The time that became available (because unnoticed, 'checking Facebook' always gets longer than planned) I focused my life on the here and now ... my family ... the household ... the garden. Boring, I thought at first. But nothing is less true!!!

You may recognize it... but if I really start doing things with attention, then everything seems like an adventure. And it's how it works for me... I then immediately get all kinds of new insights and I am eager to share this with others... and that was almost impossible! Therefore I am SUPER happy and grateful for this opportunity... to simply be able to share our activities and the inspiration that comes with it. Just to be able to share... and multiply. Because really, what I experience again and again... what you share... just keeps getting more and more and more.



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