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New year, new roads

Written on 31 December 2020

We have had a stirring year. A year in which we encountered all kinds of restrictions, in all kinds of forms. And besides that this can feel awful and sometimes even drive you to despair ... did you know that restrictions increase creativity? When I look back on 2020, I can say that this is indeed what I noticed. What a growth spurt we have made when it comes to internet use .. video calling ... thinking about what we find important and making choices in this regard ... finding new ways when the old ones no longer work.

Speaking for myself; I have become much easier in front of the camera.. I started creating and sharing audio files.. I stopped Facebook.. Started this website.. An enormous creativity has erupted in me and our family.. and I notice that I have become much, much more sure of who I am and where my boundaries lie. We are really shaken back and forth nowadays.. and I find myself done with that shaking. I am who I am, and I am allowed to follow my own heart.

For all readers... With all my heart I wish you a 2021 of growth and prosperity... whatever will happen; your inner growth is something that you are and will remain free in. You are beautiful the way you are and you are worth taking the time for!

A great applause to the person who made this video. I received it from a dear neighbor and share it with you again. For me it is exactly the symbol for 2020/2021. Old things are passing ... new things have come ... new roads, new opportunities for growth and flourishing!




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