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Movement inspires

Written on 2 January 2021

How wonderful, all those people who can make beautiful videos. And nowadays it can all be easily forwarded again, through all kinds of channels. And so I got this video forwarded for the new year. What a beautiful message is being given here !!

I love it so much, that I would like to put the text here below. You have to read it, like it's almost New Year.

Dear friend,

Do you mind if I have a word?
It won't take much of your time, I promise.
Let's skip the introductions as we know each other quite well.
Yes, it’s me speaking.
January the first.
I know it hasn’t been exactly easy since we last saw each other.
I’m here to remind you that we’re about to meet again very soon.
And so, I thought I’d share a piece of advice.
A word, really.
And the word is:
That's right: movement.
I’d love to see you start the year doing just that.
And I don’t just mean the exercise kind.
I mean movement of the spirit, of the soul.
So you can move someone else’s heart.
So you can find the inspiration to create.
To invent.
You see,
when you’re moving there’s no time for fear.
For doubts.
Because it pushes you forward, makes you stronger.
So, take my word.
Write it down on a napkin, put it in your smartphone.
Moving inspires.
And when put into action,
it will make every single day of your year count.
Starting with me.

Your friend,
January the first.

Beautiful message.. and so true. In everything that is going on, I keep finding that the best I can do is find peace. Go to my innermost, where I find God. There I find rest .. and direction. Knowing what is good; knowing what's important. That innermost is exactly where the movement comes from, what they speak about in this video. Movement of spirit, of your soul.

In everything that happens around you, seek your core… find out who you are… and what is important to you. And then: enjoy. With those who are dear to you. Live! Do those things you have put off for too long, but always wanted to do. Find ways to make that possible. Get inside yourself to find out what the best direction is ... and go. Movement inspires.



ps: look at the picture, on January the first we toasted on the coming year, with home made grapejuice from a friend.

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