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The season has started!!!!!

Written on 16 January 2021

Where in other years I really just started doing anything at the end of April, this year I already started with the first sowing work today, on January 16. Pretty early... and I don't know if it will really work... but according to the package you can sow carrots in the greenhouse from January.

Father-in-law, who has been a horticulturalist, said that it wouldn't work, that it is still much too cold, even in the greenhouse. And I, stubborn... have to try it myself first... and often I have had to conclude that he is indeed right. But sometimes not.. and then we benefit from that.. Haha. I just love to try. So today three rows of carrots were sown in the greenhouse... and watered with the help of Gideon, the youngest.

Furthermore, we all raked leaves today from the grass and brought them on the vegetable garden.. we should have done that much earlier, the grass has already died quite a bit underneath. It just disappeared. Many people had already warned us about that, but I also wanted to try that out myself first ;)

Leaves can actually be a good protection for your soil in the winter. Also for the grass it is often not a problem, it even can bring nutrition and protection. But the walnut leaf, like ours, is too tough and will not compost easily. So it covers and closes the entire ground completely.. and yes.. then it will indeed kill the grass underneeth. But... we tried something again... and now it's confirmed. Next year we will immediately remove them when all the leaves have fallen. It seems that you can also use the lawn mower over the leaves, then it will be finely enough to digest in time. That too will probably be tried out!

We had absolutely no desire to go outside today... but when we're all outside, all helping out and we really get something done.. then it feels so good to come inside again and warm ourself up at the fire with something nice to eat with it! That really feels like happiness!!

Oh.. and I also made a video that could serve as a start for a vlog / youtube channel. But I'm still thinking about that. For example, do I want to make it in English or Dutch.. I had just decided that the vlog would be in English.. I can also enjoy people all over the world who show inspiring things.. and there are also several of them who are not native English speakers. But because they try anyway, I can watch them, which I am very grateful for!

But to actually start speaking English while your family is walking around you, was harder then I thought! So maybe I'll first try it at a quiet time when I'm alone.

And like that... we find out how life works our way.



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