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DIY coat rack, by Joas

Written on 12 January 2021

Our oldest is a real practical person, just like his dad. Incredibly technically creative. At the age of 8 he got a good drill for his birthday, that was his dearest wish at the time. He now knows how to handle all kinds of tools. Ideas are never really a problem, but finishing projects was a thing.

Lately he seems to have found the right vibe... one beautiful project after another comes from his hands. At Christmas he thought that I had too little Christmas decorations in the house, and so he made a wooden kind of Christmas tree in which baubles can be hung. Super nice. I thought it would look great in front of the house, because it was still so boring there.. but he really wanted it inside.. but he could surely make a larger version for the outside, he said. So at the end of the afternoon we had a small one for the inside and a very large one for the front door... in which we hung lights. That way the whole neighborhood can enjoy it.

In the meantime, he created all kinds of things with cardboard. For a Sinterklaas present on school.. for Christmas at school.. and also at home projects were added. Via youtube he watches videos of all kinds of things, which gives him ideas... and then he gets to work himself. He recently bought a professional spoon knife for gouging wood and for making spoons or bowls. He has started this, but is still looking for better (fresh) wood. To be continued..

His last creations are small thematic coat racks for himself and his brothers. At a thrift store we found a small wooden coat rack in the shape of a tractor, which I liked for the youngest's room. Joas liked this one so much that he decided to copy it and then paint it himself in his favorite colors... we found cupboard knobs at the second hand store... and in my opinion.. it has become very beautiful!!

He decided to make one for his other two brothers too, because sawing these forms with the jigsaw turned out to be just so much fun ... and for these two, we are still waiting for carbon paper. Then we can transfer the drawings to the wood... and paint these too.

Oke... genoeg opgeschept... ik weet het... trotse moeder... nu mogen jullie zelf beoordelen. Alles is bij via mij te bestellen, joas maakt naar wens op aanvraag graag iets moois voor je 😉 😀



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