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Category: New insights

Under this heading you will be able to read all kinds of new insights that I get, while I am usually just busy with the things of life. This is what spirituality, or my faith is to me. Constantly discovering new truths, right through all the experiences of life. I don't think I can really be categorized for this matter.. because I take things as they come and most of the boxes that I find myself in, quickly start to squeeze again and then I seem to want to go on again. However, one thing is very clear to me… that there is something much greater than me, with an untold love, wisdom, energy (creative power) and justice. And that's what I call God. Although I can feel just as connected to people who call it differently, if it is based on the same purity. Ultimately, everything comes together in this and we humans are all different expressions of this same core. If you find it interesting to read more about these thoughts and insights, you are invited to read below!
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