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A bumpy ride

Written on 11 February 2021

Sometimes I find it difficult to live in these times. There is so much going on and you would long for another world. Oh, I really see that other world in front of me, and I also feel like I'm on my way to it.

But, I thought today, where did my faith go, that I am already there too? That all the beauty is already around me, as long as I open my eyes? I do watch... and in a way I enjoy things too. And yet a certain constant alertness goes through me or something. The joy does not sink in very deeply.

While I was musing about this, I heard the words 'It's gonna be a bumpy ride'. I saw a bumpy road... and suddenly I remembered the car rides through the polder with our family when I was young. Everytime I would ask my father, "Dad, would you take the bumpy road please?!?" There was a road in the polder, which had formed many bumps over the years. And if my father chose that one.. our legs would go up in the back seat and we would bounce extra hard with all the bumps... laughter all around. (Until my brothers and sister got too old for those jokes and I was the only one still begging for the bumpy road ... that's how things go when you are the youngest 😉)

And so this memory made me realize... that bumpy roads don't have to be negative. It is just how you look at things, like always. In every situation there is an invitation to follow your heart. And yes.. that can also be quite a bumpy road. Mostly likely actually, is my experience. But who says that's negative?

I think I'm just going to enjoy it again... and surrender to the bumps in the road with 'legs in the air'. Life is too good to just sit and sulk. Our whole life is an adventure and of course that is causing tension! But that doesn't have to be negative tension. It may be an excitement for everything that is beautiful and good.. and that will grow if you pay attention to it.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride. But luckily, I've always loved bumps in the road.



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